Canon G10 IR

Originally published: April 3, 2011

LifePixel Digital Infrared Conversion:

Infrared photography is definitely a niche market. Filters are often sold that can be placed on the front of a lens and allow for digital cameras to take infrared pictures. However these block the viewfinder and thus you cannot frame with the filter on. This leads to needing to use a tripod (also because the filter slows the lens down quite a bit). Therefore Infrared photography with a regular DSLR is not practical.

Enter Lifepixel, they take take apart cameras and convert them by changing the filter in front of the sensor. This means the camera will function as normally. DSLR’s with mirror boxes will be able to function as normal and point and shoots will display infrared results on the back screen continuously making shooting infrared very easy. If you are interested in Infrared conversion their website is very good at explaining the different filters available. Infrared conversions are available for everything from point and shoots to Hasselblads.

Canon G10:

This camera has been replaced by the newer G12 however the design and function has not changed much. It is a solid camera in terms of built quality. it harkens back to Leica and the range finder tradition with its styling and functionality. On the top there is a physical dial to set the ISO and other elements are easily adjustable on the back display. The camera functions like a champ, I never really took any pictures of it without the IR conversion. However I am very pleased with the IR images that it outputs. Another advantage to this camera Infrared wise is that it is quite small. I can slip this into my jacket, or pants pocket and not really feel it. This allows me to carry it in situations where otherwise I would just be carrying a DSLR or rangefinder. I am really pleased with my decision to get my Infrared conversion done by Lifepixel on the Canon G10 camera.

G10 f/4.0 1/640 ISO 100

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