Leica Summarit 35mm f/2.5

Originally published: April 3, 2011

In the real world a $1,600 dollar lens is expensive. In Leica land it is the cheapest thing you can buy (the 50mm version might be less actually). This does not mean its bad, quite the con

trary. I got this lens with my Leica M8 when I didn’t know that much about Leica lenses. I knew a lot about DSLR lenses and I knew that and aperture of f/2.8 (f/2.5 really) was pretty damn fast. And it is pretty fast, its just not as fast as some of the other Leica lenses. However this lens shines in a few areas.

Of course it is well built like every Leica lens, full metal construction and the whole 9 yards. This lens is also really small which means it has no viewfinder blockage without the lens hood. The lens hood is an interesting story, if you want this piece of metal to put at the front of the lens, you will have to buy it separately, its not sold with the camera.

I don’t know the image quality always seems fine to me. Some of my favorite images have been taken with it. I have  not had any issues with it. Some people believe that the image quality of the Summicron glass is better, but whatever it works and I’m happy with it. I don’t really understand the purpose of the Summicron series. I don’t see a need for it personally. It works in the longer focal lengths because then it is faster then most short telephoto lenses, however in standard lenses, there really isn’t that much of a difference between an f/1.4 lens and a f/2.0 lens. Ok fine there are differences but it doesn’t matter that much. I wouldn’t bother with a Summicron lens, just step up and go Summilux.

I enjoy shooting this lens, and I have shot it on my Leica M7, M8, M9 and have been pleased with its performance. One of its standout features to me is its size and weight, both of which make shooting with Leica M’s quite enjoyable.


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