Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 ED

This is the best wide angle zoom lens ever made. It is distortion free all the way through. It takes amazing pictures all the way through its zoom range, not to mention to mention wide open. I could use this lens all the time for a l most everything I do. it is maybe the best lens design Nikon has ever produced.

My example had an internal problem. I did not do anything to it and the zoom ring unfortunately jammed. However I brought it back to Harrods Photographic.

They promptly shipped it out to Nikon repair and it is on the way back to me. Since it was still under warranty it didn’t cost me a dime to fix. All and all very good. It had the problem only recently after I got it and I waited a while to take it back and get it fixed so its on the way back to me right now. Here are a few pictures I took with this superior lens.

Also there is no reason to bother with this lens if you have a DX camera, you can get the DX version of the 14-24mm lens and be perfectly happy. With this lens you are paying for more coverage that you would not be taking advantage of the extra coverage on a DX camera.


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