Nikon D700

Originally published on:  April 2, 2011

My best images, my award winning images, were taken with this camera. Lets back up a bit after that wonderful hook line. I had this camera for a very long time, and took most of my favorite and wonderful images on it. Its a great camera, It has one great advantage over the D3 series, it is compact. This camera has traveled with me from Hawaii to Italy and everywhere in between. It is about as perfect as you can get with a camera. The D3 series (specifically my D3s) has a few advantages however they aren’t that big of a difference over the D700. They add low light performance more fps and a bigger buffer. If you need these things, or think that you need them. The D700 is a very capable camera which puts it leagues ahead of the competition and interestingly positions it in the Nikon range.

The primary advantage of this camera is that it is full frame. It is a step up from the lesser Nikon cameras such as the D300 series. It takes advantage of all of the ED nikon lenses which are a big step up from the DX series of lenses. Allowing for more creative possibilities. The D700 is built like a tank and will survive anything you put it through. It is truly a pro-body just without the vertical grip. I would rather show pictures and maybe another time when I am more inspired to write I will give some more insight into this camera. It is truly great and if you don’t want to carry a D3 series camera around with you.


Nikon D700 with 14-24mm f/2.8 at 24mm f/9.0 1/320 ISO 200

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