Nikon F100

Originally published: April 2, 2011

This is the second best film SLR ever made. The best would be the Nikon F6 which is still in production. The F100 is no longer produced however you can find very good deals on them online and from camera stores. It is very easy to use coming from other Nikon DSLR’s and it is very similar to the D700. It is a very good Film Camera. I always leave it in my camera bag with a few rolls of Ilford Delta 3200, and some sort of color negative film. I usually leave my Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens on it. It is really well built the same way that the D700 is. It is about the same size as the D700 and it is easy to use along with digital Nikons. Loading film is a breeze and very easy to do. It is also easy to use all of the controls such as changing the ISO and shooting modes. Its very easy to use as well since it uses all of my ED glass. It is very solid and if you can get one cheap then there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t get one to throw in the bag.




Nikon F100 and 50mm f/1.4G with Ilford Delta 3200



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