Nikon Flash and Hasselblad Camera

I’ve been e-mailing the support over at the website and have figured out a solution that will let me hardwire my Hasselblad H3Dii-39ms digital camera with my Nikon CLS (Creative Light System) SB-900 flashes.
The SB-900 flashes have a few advantages over the typical studio strobes (a la Profoto or Broncolor). The first advantage is size. These SB-900 flashes are significantly smaller then these which means they are much more portable and lighter solution to lighting. Also they do not require a power pack, which is required for studio strobes. Generally speaking, this term is a misnomer because the power pack simply is a conduit between the wall socket and the flash heads. Consequently you can only operate them in situations where you have outlet power or a generator (which again is more weight). The SB-900′s although significantly less powerful are generally acceptable for most applications. They have batteries contained within them making them again self contained and usable on their own.
Also the Nikon CLS Flashes are of course capable of being used with my Nikon D3s camera if I want to utilize both formats in the same shoot. Here it is as simple as unplugging the flash sync and changing the SB-900′s to remote mode and slipping the SU-400 commander unit into the Nikon D3s. The Nikon D3s is capable of both accepting the flash sync as well as wirelessly with the SU-400 commander unit.

One Response to Nikon Flash and Hasselblad Camera

  • Hey

    I am planning a trip to rural china, i own a Hasselblad H3D2 and need a lightweight flash solution.
    i have Canon flashes for my Canon gear, ITS ALL A MATTER OF WEIGHT.
    My dear Profoto has to stay home

    The Splitter you write about is this something hasselblad makes , what is the brandname / price

    Yours sincerely Gerben Groustra

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