Sandisk Memory Cards

The Extreme Pro series comes in 64gb, 32gb, and 16gb flavors. All very capable, and so you don’t spend the time doing this one yourself, 2 32gb’s cost the same as a 64gb

Sandisk memory cards are the gold standard in digital media. They simply work. I have never had a bad experience with them. The 64gb card is simply superb. It gives you the ability to shoot raw files all day and still have room left over. Here is a video from Chase Jarvis using the Extreme Pro series of cards. They are very capable with high read, write speeds. I would not recommend any other brand of memory cards. In fact Nikon specifically recommends SanDisk memory cards with their high performance cameras.

Chase Jarvis TECH

As you can see in this video they are able to keep up with the D3 series cameras without the words “buffer speed” ever coming into your mind. I have tried other brands memory cards, and have been less then fully satisfied. Other companies work fine and the will work with your cameras but not in the same way that SanDisk cards will. They always work seamlessly and are continuously on top of their game.

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