Sigma SD-1

Originally published: May 27, 2011

Now, the Hasselblad H4D-200ms is based in some technology and makes some sense in certain situations but still as a whole is useless. However just like books of Enron, Sigma’s just made it all up. For Hype? maybe. Because they actually believe it? I hope not. Hype makes considerably more sense especially when considering it was first announced at $9,000 dollars but has since been revealed to only be about $6,700 when bundled with some silly Sigma lens. Sigma lenses are sort of a joke because they can never be as good as those made by the manufacturer of a camera system. That said there are people who swear by them and they are considerably better then any lens made by any Japanese company who’s name starts with a “T”. Sigma believes that since they put color filters in front of their sensor (like you have to do with every DSLR to get color images) they think they can say that each layer gives them a boost to their mp count. Sooo a 13mp black and white sensor (all sensors are black and white without filters in front of them) with the required RGB (red green blue) filters in front of it becomes a 46mp sensor…..yeah that makes sense. If you know nothing about cameras you can still grasp the concept that the sensor has a resolving power of 13mp then essentially a bunch of pieces of glass are put in front of it (fine they are colored and probably not glass but it gets the point across) this doesn’t change mp count. Mark to market accounting can’t even justify this (Enron joke). Not to mention the sensor isn’t even full frame, and for $6,000 it better be. It’s even more of a stupid marketing gimmick then the Hasselblad H4D-200ms.

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