Monthly Archives: April 2013

In-Depth Look at Multistitch for 4×5 Cameras

A bunch of weeks ago I was able to interview Myko of Multistitch ( at Fotocare in NYC and got to take a closer look at and better understand his product Multistitch which I was first introduced to during my coverage of PDN PhotoPlus 2012. Multistitch offers solutions for various 4×5 cameras and adapts FF-35mm DSLR’s and medium format digital backs to create a high-resolution capture system. The article is featured on Photo Rumors ( available online now and viewable here. 

Everything on the Cambo Wide RC400

Digital Transitions Vimeo Cambo Wide RC400

In this rapid high-paced video, befitting of its soundtrack, Douglas Peterson from Digital Transitions (, presents a stop-motion look at a cornucopia of different combinations and set-ups possible with the Cambo Wide RC400 technical camera ( See if you can spot all of the different pieces of equipment used, pay special attention to the digital backs and comment below with what you think!

For more of your Cambo fix, check out my tour of the Cambo factory in the Netherlands.